Accelerate Your Project

Metaform offers a full range of consulting services to help organizations deliver robust, reliable, and performant mission-critical systems.

Our principals are leading experts in middleware and open source, and have played key roles in the development of many SOA and cloud computing technogies. We mix out-of-the-box thinking with state-of-the-art technologies to give our clients a competitive advantage.

What distinguishes Metaform is our ability to devise forward-thinking architectures for our clients, deliver pragmatic implementation plans, and follow-up with mission-critical production support. Our engagements range from short-term assessments to long-term, multi-phase deliverables.

Project PhaseEngagement Offering
Kickoff Fabric3 QuickStart
Design Architecture Blueprint
Delivery Implementation Assistance
System Upgrade Service Refactoring and Performance

Fabric3 QuickStart

Invest early and avoid project pitfalls later

Selecting a technology platform is only the first step in delivering a successful project. The Fabric3 QuickStart program is designed to get you up-and-running with either a 3-day or 5-day in-depth training program. We cover the following topics:

Architecture Blueprint

Design for success

System architectures must be flexible for applications to successfully evolve to meet changing business requirements. This flexibility is only obtained through experience. With the Architecture Blueprint program, Metaform consultants work with you to create a system design that balances pragmatism with the need for forward thinking. In addition to feature requirements, architecture blueprints address the following capabilities:

Implementation Assistance

Minimize risk and cut costs

A system design is only as good as its execution. Metaform consultants are available to work alongside your engineering staff to provide guidance and assistance during the implementation phases of a project. The experience our consultants bring will guarantee best practices are followed and reduce costs by shortening delivery timeframes.

Service Refactoring and Performance

Improve and extend your investment

Do you need to reuse business logic in a legacy system? Has an existing system become too complex and costly to maintain? Is an application not able to meet the performance requirements or SLAs of your growing business? Metaform consultants can assist in devising and implementing a plan to refactor your existing application or build a robust integration layer for legacy systems. System refactoring typically addresses the following capabilities:


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